Let's work together to achieve the foundation of your dreams


Committing is half the battle.  Sign up for live class.  Get your movement in, and feel better as you move about your day.  Classes range from a quick 20 minute burn to a slow 60 minute build.  Join me and lets move together!

Virtual Live Classes

Have a goal? Maybe a sport-intensive trip? Or has the change of seasons brought different activities to your life? Commit to a 4 week progressive program geared to your goal. There’s a wide variety of programs currently available, but if you don't see what you need, let me create something custom for your needs.

Sport Specific 4-Week Program

Need an individual session? Let's get together to chat about your goals, body history and develop a movement strategy specific to you.  We can meet once to develop a plan or make it a regular thing.  I'm excited to help you make movement a habit.

One-To-One Virtual

Let's move together everyday! Just push play.  I want you to want to make movement a habit.  This platform is designed so you can come back every day, find what you need  and feel empowered and ready to move throughout your day.

On Demand

Rich H.

You've made a huge difference in my life, not only in getting me through this recent sciatica attack, but in giving me the tools to enrich my overall physical well being.