With this 4-week Prep for Powder program you will show up on the hill feeling stronger and more confident in your stability, endurance, and foundational strength. The series focuses on building your strength from the core out using a mix of exercises: core and hip strength, spine and hip mobility, leg strength and endurance, and a focus on using your breath as a tool to facilitate movement. 

Have you tried to “get ready for the season” but lost your motivation after a week of aimlessly doing leg exercise? Or you did a bunch of leg exercise but still felt like something was missing on your first couple days on the hill? 


Showing up strong for your first run

Avoid injury by building foundational balance and stability

learning to use your breath as a tool on the slopes, to experience longevity in your day of play 

working single leg balance for stronger legs, better body awareness and weight transfers to improve your stability on the snow 

build a stable torso and extremity control for optimal mobility and function on and off the slopes 

strengthening your lower chain for a greater hip/glute/ankle connection and torso control to maintain knee health & better control on the snow

Prep for pOWDER

This program focuses on building your foundation so you can move with confidence the first day on the hill. It takes the core principles of Pilates and translates them into training to get you ready for the slopes. It uses the principles of axial elongation & core control for foundational strength, spine articulation for movement control and injury prevention, connecting breath to movement so you can use the power of breath as a source of strength and control, alignment cues for injury prevention and deeper body awareness, and finally piecing everything together for functional movement integration to stay out and play all day! Hooray!

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4-week program

What's Included


This program includes 5 days of movement over the 4-week series, 6 videos per week

Movement calendar


A calendar to keep you on track and add that little spark of joy and satisfactions when you cross off a completed day.

bonus videos


Quick movement snacks. Morning warm up routine, quick warm ups before you head to the slopes, goodnight stretch and more.

Extra movement suggestions


Suggestions if you want a little more movement to sprinkle into you training routine

Hippity Hop-pity



About Me

Hi there, I'm Jonna.
I love to move and play outside, skiing being my favourite way to play!! I had to take a pause from skiing after a back injury, which eventually resulted in surgery.  The surgery helped take away the day to day pain but it was not until I found Pilates that I was able to get back to the playtime I enjoyed in the mountains.  Fast forward 10+ years and I created a program to help you be ready for your first day, stay out longer and avoid injury.  So excited to move with you!

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Do I need to be “fit” to participate?

Absolutely not. My goal is to give options and modifications to all levels. From my experience working with a broad range of physical abilities, focus on building foundational strength is something everyone needs. Many super “strong” and “fit” people neglect their core strength, spine and hip mobility, balance, and breathing. These are all areas that will benefit you not only on the mountain but more importantly in everyday life.  


You do not NEED any special equipment. A mat is great but you can use a towel or nothing at all, whatever floats your boat. Weeks 3 & 4 have an addition of bands and a yoga block. These are not required but they do take the movement up a notch for an increased challenge. I also use some very light weights to encourage form in the leg videos. You can use light weights or cans work great too!

How long do i have access to the program?

As long as Pilates in the Wild is around. Your access will never expire, you can keep coming back to it over and over. 

Why don't you use music?

I love music!! But everyone is so different in their music tastes, and sometimes one song will seem great to move to, but the next day it will make me cringe. Also one of my goals with this program is to encourage body awareness and music can distract you from checking in with yourself.  I always have to remind myself, being uncomfortable isn't necessarily a bad thing, it tells us something and helps us grow, mentally and physically.  Sooooo thats a long story of why I left music out of the videos.  But with that said if music is a make or break when it comes to motivating to move, then by all means crank the tunes!!