I’m passionate about movement. I believe you feel the best in your own body and mind when you can move with confidence and ease. Pilates does just that: it strengthens and stretches the body through functional exercises rooted in anatomy and physiology.  

New to Pilates? Don’t be intimidated – Pilates is for everyone. With its principles grounded in breath, functional alignment, core control, and movement integration, Pilates will improve every part of the mind & body. 

Whatever your goal is, there’s never a day you cannot do Pilates – and you’ll never get bored doing it. Turn to Pilates for a restorative balm for your muscles; or on other days, use Pilates to help you walk up the stairs or climb to the top of a mountain.  

As someone who thrives on variety, my background in therapy-based Pilates has given me the training and experience to work with students ranging the gamut from professional athletes, weekend warriors, those suffering from physical ailments, and everyone in-between. Whoever you are, however you got here, I’m excited to work with you.

Enrich your life, come move with me!

A movement program geared towards supporting life's adventures. 
Pilates inspired movement to support your love of outdoor adventure.

Have you been looking for a way to compliment your passion for play outside?


These two are always down for a good time.  The eternal kid, Thomas is always ready for an adventure and keeps life light.  Whether is a walk around the neighbourhood, a trip down the river, or a hike to a peak these are my best buddies and greatest champions, I'd be lost without these two. 

If you're taking class with me, Finny is not far away, lounging away one of his many beds, ready for some post class loves.  

Thomas & Finnegan, movement BUDDys 

I grew up with movement as a central focus of my life. From an early age, skiing, soccer, hiking and running became a lifeline for fun and mental maintenance. In my early 20's, I had a back injury that brought me down – and I was told the only option was surgery. While the surgery took away the pain for a bit, I was never able to get back to the activities I loved. Enter: Pilates. 

When my physical therapists introduced me to Pilates, I was instantly hooked. Finally, I’d found a movement method that empowered me and gave me the tools to create a foundation from the inside out. Inspired to learn as much about Pilates as possible, I completed my Pilates training in 2010 through Polestar Pilates and had the great fortune to continue to work and learn at Pinnacle Performance in Salt Lake City Utah.  

After a few moves around the western US, life brought me back to my hometown of Port Angeles, WA.  It was there that I ventured out onto my own,  opening my own studio, using the experience and knowledge gained at Pinnacle, to help others gain awareness, confidence and strength using the principles of Pilates.

JONNA Winger, MOVEMENT lover


"I appreciate my growing strength, flexibility, and improved posture. My absolute favorite thing is having a coach who is knowledgeable, caring, encouraging, honest, and funny."

"This is the best time I’ve had 'exercising' ever."

Imagine deciding to play tag with your kids, or going for a spontaneous hike, or simply walking to the grocery store instead of drive. Imagine knowing that your body is capable and confident. Imagine looking forward to the bursts of movement that break up your day, rather than dreading them or worrying about an old injury flaring up. 

Pilates can bring those dreams to life. Whatever your goal is – holding a plank for a minute or just finding a joyful, sustainable way to move – Pilates can help you get there, with enough variety and challenge to keep things exciting. 

And as your guide in all things Pilates, I’m here to help design the movement program of your dreams, while also facilitating the mind-body connection that makes Pilates so unique. 

Imagine waking up every morning feeling strong, energized, and agile.

You deserve to move intentionally, joyfully, and adventurously.