Dirt season, what exactly does that mean? It's the time in between winter and the rest of the year where we get to play in the dirt.  

This program focuses on building a strong foundation so your can get out and play in the moutains (or front yard), stay healthy, feel confident in your movement, and have an awesome day!

Dirt season

With this 4-week Prep for Powder program you will show up on the hill feeling stronger and more confident in your stability, endurance, and foundational strength. The series focuses on building your strength from the core out using a mix of exercises: core and hip strength, spine and hip mobility, leg strength and endurance, and a focus on using your breath as a tool to facilitate movement. 

Prep for Powder


"I appreciate my growing strength, flexibility, and improved posture. My absolute favorite thing is having a coach who is knowledgeable, caring, encouraging, honest, and funny."

"This is the best time I’ve had 'exercising' ever."