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Hi there.

24 October 2023

Welcome to Pilates in the Wild! I’m Jonna and I created this movement platform to help the lovers of the outdoors move with more confidence and awareness using the principles of Pilates. We use breathing as a tool to facilitate core control, mobility, strength, and flexibility.

I love to play outside. Love to ski, hike, bike, trail run, raft, dog walk……you get the picture, pretty much anything that allows me to move my body and enjoy nature.

I’ve always loved to play outside but I haven’t always had the ability to enjoy these things. At the beginning of my twenties I started to experience debilitating back pain and eventually had to have surgery (a bi-level discectomy). This (the surgery) I thought would get me back to my activities I loved before my back pain. That was not the case. For the next few years I went through an ebb and flow of back pain flare ups and lacked the movement confidence to get back to the activities I love.

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Enter Pilates. I was in the middle of the worst flare up I’d had since my surgery, preparing to have another surgery and one of the doctors I saw recommended Pilates. I was lucky enough to find a wonderful physical therapy clinic (yay for Pinnacle Performance!) who used Pilates as one of their therapy modalities. I was hooked. Pilates gave me the tools to empower me to take control over my movement. I was so obsessed I completed my teacher training in 2009 and began working at the clinic that changed my life. During this time I always had a primary job, and taught on the evenings and weekends in the clinic. This was an amazing place that gave their teachers so many opportunities to experience continuing education and I learned so much during my 5 years of teaching.

Fast forward a few years and it was time to transition to teaching full time. I opened my own studio in the cute town of Port Angeles, Washington. It was so fun to work with all sorts of people, helping them get stronger and more confident in their movement. Then the pandemic shut down the studio and I was forced to move online. This gave me the opportunities to change gears and reach a wider audience online with my love of practical movement.

Enter Pilates in the Wild. I created a movement platform rooted in Pilates principles but geared toward the outdoor adventurer. I used Pilates to help me stay out longer, avoid injury and have more fun, so why can’t I help other people experience the same thing????  My focus on my platform is using breath as a tool, moving the spine, increasing flexibility and strength through movement, and having fun getting to know our bodies and how it feels to move in them.

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Technology has many pros, but also a few cons.  PRO: I am able to work with awesome peeps all over the world. CON: I don’t get to know my peeps as well as I did when I worked with them in person, but the potential is there through the interweb. The crazy magic of social media, find me on IG and TikTok, and email, I love hearing from you! Send pics; tell me how you feel after moving with me; where you’re playing this weekend?; what adventures are you training for?; what you’re making for dinner?  Anything…..the more I get to know you, the better!  So excited to meet you!!

Ciao ciao for now✌🏼



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