We're made to move. But sometimes it's hard to find the spark that’s needed to step away from our forward-facing lives and explore life outside of the midline. Join me in creating a new habit of moving your body, building strength from the inside out, and just  feels good.

make movement a habit



Library of Pilates and functional movement classes: all levels, foundational to powerful.

Someone told me once, "time is going to move forward, you can either make the changes to achieve your goals, or stay in the same place by continuing to do what you've always done." Lets take action. Let me help empower you through movement to make the changes to feel how you want to feel.  

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Do i need special equipment to do pilates?

Absolutely not. All you need is your body weight, clothes that are easy to move in, and a bit of space. Some classes do utilize equipment or props to mix things up, but generally there are modifications that can be made. 

if i did want to invest in equipment, what do you recommend?

First, a thick mat; a yoga mat works, but most people like something a little thicker. Some bands, a Pilates ball, a yoga block and a foam roller are all great props to vary your routine. The OOV is also an amazing piece of equipment to mix things up and challenge yourself at home.

What the Heck is an Oov?

The OOV is a very strange looking piece of durable foam designed to activate core stabilizing muscles while strengthening the muscles of the spine and hips. The OOV is designed to mimic the natural curvature of the spine, offering both support and a deeper challenge. Possibilities with the OOV are endless; it can calm the nervous system, strengthen the core, challenge your balance and beyond. Learn more from its creator here & purchase here

How often should I take class?

My goal is to get you moving every day. With that said, I believe you can only work as hard as you rest, so every day might look different. If you're feeling tired, energize yourself with a quick on-demand breathwork video followed by moving your spine or activating the legs. If you're craving a challenge or have more time, pop on a class that will get your heart rate up and build your strength.

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